Gbd pipe dating

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Gbd pipe dating

The grain beyond the dark veins were interesting – one side of the stummel was almost exclusively a pattern of peacock feather eyes – bird’s eye grain, but larger and flowing.

The other side appeared as a tree flowing up from the heal of the stummel and fanning out midway to the rim, with more bird’s eye grain taking the form of the foliage of the tree. Well, with the winning bid cast, the GBD made its way from the United States to my “Help Me! Here are the pictures that first got my attention on e Bay – the black vein grain and the flowering tree: This attractive Bent Billiard has markings on the left side of the shank of, “GBD” (oval encircled) over “Americana”.

These faults, I am confident, make the pipe a smart choice for the fledgling piper, as it will quickly teach you how to avoid charring your bowl, and how sour concentrated “pipe spit” tastes. Upon taking delivery, the condition of my first pipe was good-to-fair. The rim is darkened from years of enjoyment, and there are several dings around the rim and greater stummel. ), and so I ran to everyone’s favorite history book: the Internet.

A BRIEF HISTORY GBD began as a French endeavor in the 1850s.

Be sure to check out my Ennerdale tobacco review if you’re interested in hearing the latest saga in this old pipe’s history.

For more information about GBD’s and dating them, refer to the Pipedia entry.

Blog by Dal Stanton When I saw this pipe on the e Bay auction block, I was drawn to it first by the grain.

It was a bold decision as these were troubled times in France.

Maybe I just associate the English with high quality luxury items (Rolls Royce, Bentley, Burberry)?

I think maybe there is an association I’ve developed between the country of England, and the act of pipe smoking. Or just the stereotypical image of a tweed-jacketed old Englishman reading and smoking a pipe in his cozy study?

Whether the drop is actual or perceived…I’m really not sure. Likewise, the linear “London England” stamping seen below was replaced by a round “Made in London England” stamp after the merger. I think it’s neat to smoke a pipe that is as old, or older than I am.

But retailers are certain to point out whether a pipe falls on the Comoy’s side, or the Pre-1980 side, of history. Because the New Era line was introduced in 1931, and because mine was made before the 1981 merger, we can confidently place the date of manufacture somewhere in that 50 year span. There’s a certain “cool factor” to an estate pipe, even if I’ll never know all the stories it has to tell.

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